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It will give you insights into the sign, house, and aspects of Chiron in a person's birth chart. Want to take a look at a Chiron Report before you buy it? Check back here for dates and locations. A brief bio of Zane B Stein. What exactly was the Association for Studying Chiron? Oh, and my photo, too! Take a look at the chart for the moment. Where is it in our solar system? How long is it's orbit? How was it found?

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And what of these other Centaurs Read about these predictions here. Lots of keywords to help you get a handle on using Chiron in charts. How do you find out where Chiron is now, or on your birthdate? What of the strange relationship Chiron has with Saturn and Uranus? If you want to be precise, don't overlook this section! What does it mean if Chiron is your Planet of Oriental Appearance? Is this true when Chiron is rising? Check out these photos of people born with Chiron close to the Ascendant, and tell me what you think. It includes a way to tell if it is going Stationary Retrograde or Stationary Direct..

Great tool for finding the approximate date of your Chiron Return see below. But what will it mean for you? Well, you should, because they are turning out to be major astrological influences.

Have you heard about the other Centaurean bodies? There may be as many as Centaurs found so far. How about Heracles or Damocles? These bodies are also proving to have astrological significance. And even more intriguing, do any of them share traits with other bodies in our solar system? The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

CRANTOR in astrology – the fragility of life

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Chiron and Friends (Centaurs, Asteroids, Exoplanets)

Astronomy and Astrophysics. In Barucci, A. Minor planets navigator. Dwarf planets. Possibly: Chariklo Chiron. Possibly: WC Possible per Grundy et al. Natural satellites of the Solar System.

Asteroid Valentine 447 // Pure, Undying Love // Asteroid Astrology

Trans-Neptunian objects. Small Solar System bodies. Designation Groups List Moon Meanings of names.


The Solar System. Comets Dwarf planets possible Gravitationally rounded objects Minor planets names Natural satellites Solar System models Solar System objects by size by discovery date. Accretion Accretion disk Asteroid belt Circumplanetary disk Circumstellar disc Circumstellar envelope Cosmic dust Debris disk Detached object Disrupted planet Excretion disk Exoplanetary Circumstellar Environments and Disk Explorer Exozodiacal dust Extraterrestrial materials Extraterrestrial sample curation Giant-impact hypothesis Gravitational collapse Hills cloud Interplanetary dust cloud Interplanetary medium Interplanetary space Interstellar cloud Interstellar dust Interstellar medium Interstellar space Kuiper belt List of interstellar and circumstellar molecules Merging stars Molecular cloud Nebular hypothesis Oort cloud Outer space Planetary migration Planetary system Planetesimal Planet formation Protoplanetary disk Ring system Rubble pile Sample-return mission Scattered disc Star formation.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Libitina is 21 Libra 59 conjunct the Ascendant, and Spartacus at 22 Libra 30 is also conjunct it. Washingtonia at 11 Aquarius 56 is conjunct my natal Part of Death at 12 Aquarius 27 I do not plan to live there! Nemesis at 19 Gemini 6 is conjunct Pasadena at 19 Gemini 24 I also do not plan to live in that city! Shakespeare at 4 Gemini 32 and Apollo at 4 Gemini 35 are also conjunct Venus. I never had an active interest in reading Shakespeare but somehow the Universe is connecting me with him.

The best I can say is that I enjoyed Kenneth Branaughs Hamlet] NOTE: Any aspect of importance must be within a strict one-degree orb, especially if the angles are involved and the planets such as conjunctions. The Universe is potentially connecting you with the significance s of that asteroid. If, say, San Diego is conjunct your Moon, potentially that city can be a natural or karmic home for you. Spock 13 Aquar i us 31 Mr.

Edmondson Slipher V. Slipher and E.


Victor L. Husband o Mikeanderson Michael P. Anderson o Davidbrown David M. Clark o Ilanramon see below o Williemccool William C. Spock Mr. Tompkins Mr. See aspects of in need of or contributing to Healing. Use also: Asclepius and Askalaphus. Conditions on whatever occurs in aspect. APOLLO: Being a slow learnerattraction of recurrent and familiar crises; going against the odds; banging your head against a brick wall; provocation; doing it againand again.

ASTRAEA: Blocked closure; staying to the end the sometimes bitter end; believing that it ain't over 'til it's overeven if it already is; an inability to read beginnings and endings or to let go of things, people or events; the witnessing of events. BACCHUS: Excess; addiction; attempts to manage feelings, people and situations through substitution or avoidance; contact with orchards, pine and fir trees, vineyards; intoxication. Note that Chiron has been classified a comet, not an asteroid. DAEDALUS: Architecture; design; cleverness; the artful dodger; escape of consequences that then fall on others; jealousy; instances of feeling like an honored slave; creative; affinity with metals.

HEBE: Service personnel waitresses, secretaries, receptionists, bartenders, etc. HEKATE: The inner sensewomens ways of knowingand whether one can trust that; night; dreams; whether the mother acted as a protector; crone stages of life or positions; intuitive wisdom; Hekate is sometimes important at or in connection with childbirth, and can show what wisdom is gained at other life passages. Hephaistos: Problems with the limbs usually the legs; lameness; crippling; parental abandonment most often by the mother; to be an issue of contention between the parents; tendency for an unlikely match in relationship ie.

HOUSE: A useful point when place is important in predictive work; also refers to the residence and to what is experienced at home.

ICARUS: Escapes that are careless of consequences; desire to get outta' here; the fast break impulse; attraction to speed, danger or risk; desire to get away from restrictions of aspecting points. ISIS: Sibling relationships; issues involving scattered locations, ideas, people and things; fragmentation; sense of needing to get or put it together; desire to make things whole.

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NIOBE: Humbling lessons through excess pride in one's children, fertility, virility or creativity including creative products. ODYSSEUS: Exile, extended trip or absence, long journey, ex-patriate, to feel rootless or homeless a stranger in a strange land, to be sent away from home. OPHELIA: A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions linked to mistrust of ones value to others and concern about deception.